Part 2 Technical Briefs

Part 2 Technical Briefs

Part 2 Technical Briefs Primer

I explain a few technical details of how I setup my RAW processing software and and camera menu preferences. The techniques I use are specific to my workflow and your workflow may be different.

The settings I use in the camera menu are primarily for capturing as much digital information as possible. Later in RAW processing I make exposure and contrast changes to create the final images.

Keeping in mind that this video was produced in 2009 and we now have newer versions of the mentioned Photoshop plugins. Also, today I use Lightroom 5 instead of Adobe Camera RAW, yet the principles discussed within remain the same.

  • Optimal Lens Resolution
  • Working with Digital Colorspaces
  • Proper Monitor Calibration
  • RAW Processing Software Preferences
  • Working with Makeup and Hair Stylists
  • Basic Retouching Skills
  • 3rd Party Photoshop Plugins

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