Part 1 Intro & Lighting Modifiers Explained

Part 1 Intro & Lighting Modifiers Explained

Creative Lighting for People Photography is a 6 part series of videos demonstrating the lighting techniques I learned assisting top commercial and fashion photographers in the Los Angeles area between 1990 and 1991.

20+ years later, I still find myself using these same lighting modifiers and techniques to create the 3-dimensional and cinematic light quality seen in my Fashion and Portraiture portfolios.

In this video series I create 58 different lighting setups for fashion, glamour, and portrait photography using inexpensive monoheads and lighting modifiers. Join me as I demonstrate the lighting diagrams and discuss behind-the-scenes video of the 18 models photographed.

The Art Institute of Dallas and the Illinois Institute of Art - Tinley Park currently use the Creative Lighting for People Photography lighting video tutorial as part of their commercial photography program instruction aides.

Part 1 Intro & Lighting Modifiers Explained

Octabox | Softbox | DIY Lighting Modifiers | Beauty Dish | Nylon/Satin Panels | V-Banks | Grids

  • 48″ Octabox/Softbox – Learn 3 different octabox and softbox modifications such as the Grid, the DIY Ring-flash modification, and the Naked Octabox.
  • 22" Beauty Dish – How to use the beauty dish for fashion, glamour and portrait photography in the studio.
  • DIY Nylon/Satin Panel System for contemporary portraiture, fashion and artistic glamour photography.
  • V-banks for high-end editorial fashion, lookbook and fine catalog photography.
  • Learn how to use 20 different lighting modifiers with monolights or speedlights.
  • Using Grids to control light spill and create dramatic lighting styles.
  • Behind-the-scenes video footage of 18 model shoots, with a total of 30 models posing for this video exclusively.
  • Watch and learn how I pose and work with models and makeup artists.


Part 1 Intro & Lighting Modifiers Explained
Part 2 Technical Briefs Primer
Part 3 Studio & Indoor Portrait Lighting Techniques
Part 4 Outdoor Portrait Lighting Techniques
Part 5 Studio & Location Fashion Lighting Techniques
Part 6 Studio & Location Glamour Lighting Techniques